Coconut-milk lattes, road trips with no destination, Igor, adding countries to my passport, relaxing, Jesus, and helping couples have wedding pictures they obsess over at night laying in bed.

my quick list:

Yep, I’m the photographer who is not afraid to put on hiking boots to scout out the spot up in the mountains that isn’t already documented on Instagram. I’m the one who makes you cry in the middle of Costco when I send your photo gallery. I’m the one you text random wedding questions to because you KNOW I actually want to (and will) answer. 

A wedding photographer with a serious obsession with adventure.

- Alysia & Trey

"She went out of her way to make sure we got what we wanted from our wedding photos, and even drove several hours to a special spot for our engagement photos. Better than all that however is her wonderful personality - she is bright, funny, and engaging, and you can tell that she treats all her weddings as her most important priority. We'd strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!"

"My husband and I are so happy that we decided to work with Rachel."

Already took it, boo! Santorini, Greece with Igor and it was everything and more than I hoped it would be. 

Well, if you count the first disposable point and shoot camera from Walmart-- when I was 8! But, the first time I earned an income from photography was the year after I graduated high school for senior portraits. Soon after I landed two weddings and quickly fell in love I’ve been capturing couples' love ever since.

I’m a musical theater nerd who used to make an audience of parents and teenagers laugh and cry, and I grew up in a family with LOTS of kids. So yes, I can make you and your partner feel at home with me. One of the most common things my reviews say is that people felt comfortable in front of my camera. 

Everywhere. Also, a bride running free through the hills of Mt Rainier, streets of Spain, beaches of Greece, desserts of California & Eastern Washington, North Cascades, Oregon coast. Anywhere, where the air tastes better and the light is wild.

Would you believe me if I said he slid into my DMs? It’s true! He messaged me on Instagram saying I was cute and asked me out for coffee. I was quick to say "Sure!" We’ve been married for two AMAZING years. He’s HOT.COM, my second shooter, and the one I want to come home to after a long day. 

SEER -ISSS-COA Isn’t it fun? My husband is Russian, and I love how much his family’s culture has added dimension to my name-- and life. 

A blonde Zoey Dechechesl as Jess from New Girl (Elf throwback).

What’s that? You want to know more? K, here are the deets.

5) Love me some relaxing music, candles, humidifiers, and peace.
6) Two fur babies! Cats: Peaches and El
7) My husband slid into my DMs. SERIOUSLY! Now we are married.
9) I love to drive with no destination- I guess I'm always scouting. Let me take you to a place that will make your image shine.

1) Love me a honey latte with coconut milk. Honestly, I would drink anything a barista can make me. No discrimination. (Matcha, tea, coffee…)
2) Seattle born and raised! So it isn’t a surprise I’ve grown up visiting the mountains, forests with a love for camping and hiking.
3) I hate running...but, I’ve done 6 half marathons.
4) Was a musical theatre nerd in school! Grew up with a musically gifted family.

fun facts

I’m in. What should I do next?

- Jessica 

"I loved working with Rachel! She made the whole experience so fun and comfortable. She was great at directing me in a way that felt natural and her shots show that. Her edits are whimsical and so gorgeous. I couldn’t recommend her more."