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I am so excited to share I have changed my business name from Rachel Clements to Rachel Syrisko.

My Instagram handle has changed from @rachelvclements and now is @rachelsyrisko. Give me a quick follow over on Instagram if you’re not already.

Since I took my husband’s last name when we got married in honor of him, Jesus, and sweet tradition I have decided to change my business name to match my new married name.



Seattle, WA based Wedding+Elopement+Couple Photographer

perfectly imperfect, raw, candid, and the passionate

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Welcome! I am so excited you are here and we are chatting. I am a Wedding, Elopement, Engagement / Couple Photographer based in Seattle Washington. I have been shooting for over four years. I am a hopeless romantic and love telling love stories.

My passion for photography is more than money and more than a desire for photos. I believe that as a photographer I am a story teller. And I cannot believe you have reached out to me to tell your love story!


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