Welcome! I am so excited you are here and we are chatting. I am a Wedding, Elopement, Engagement / Couple Photographer based in Seattle Washington. I have been shooting for over four years. I am a hopeless romantic and love telling love stories.

I am married and my husband shoots with me as my second. I am incredibly blessed God has given me passion. We love adventuring around the Great PNW. As well as traveling out of states and internationally. We just bought our first home and are remodeling it ourselves. We cannot wait to move in a show it off. We’ve talked about getting a dog but might be leaning towards a cat. I love BOTH! My friend gifted me a Starbucks expresso machine and there hasn’t been a morning I haven’t been trying to perfect latte art. We love going out and staying at home with a warm beverage or drinking wine.

My passion for photography is more than money and more than a desire for photos. I believe that as a photographer I am a story teller. And I cannot believe you have reached out to me to tell your love story!

Your heart and soul are so special to me. In photography I strive to be a friend first, serve you and tell your love story for years and years to come. Together we will capture photos full of movement and emotion. So when your old and grey sitting in a rocking chair yelling at people to get off your grass you can look back at your photos and relive these special moments in your life.