I am a friend here for you and celebrating with you.

I am here with you from the first email to hopping on a call chatting about ALL THE THINGS, listening to your love stories and dreams over coffee/matcha/tea/food. I’m like a bridesmaid with a camera around her neck, fixing the bobby pin in your hair and capturing the look you gave your mom when you first put on your dress. I’m there for the first look, the bomb.com moves on the dance floor, and the sparkler-lined tunnel, cheering you on as you make a life together. With tears and smiles on our faces. 

Let’s make an experience you will remember forever. 

1-2 hours for $490*

How much?

online gallery
unlimited downloads
min 70 edited images
print release (which means you can print from anywhere you please) 
High resolution (print any size you please)

What do I get? 

Cozied up on your couch or lost in the mountains. Your choice!


 Perfect for couples celebrating an engagement, anniversary, surprise proposal, maternity, or JUST BECAUSE. 

Who is it for?

Couples Experience

*When booking a Wedding + Elopement you can add a Couples Experience for 50% off. For International Elopements + Destination Weddings inquire for custom travel quotes. Additional hours, Boudoirs, and after-day bridal portrait experiences are available. Tax not included.

Packages range from $2200- $4500*
Second shooter available for added fee. 

How much?

online gallery
unlimited downloads
300-800 Edited images
print release (which means you can print from anywhere you please) 
High resolution (print any size you please)

What do I get? 

Your parents’ backyard, a quiet chapel in the hills, or a lush spot with a killer view. You pick!


For the couples who are down for an adventure! Whether you want an elopement or a full-10 hour wedding service, I’m your girl! 

Who is it for?

Wedding & Elopement

I live with my husband in Seattle, Washington. And YES! My husband and I are obsessed with traveling and travel frequently throughout the year. Destination Weddings and Elopements are some of my favorites. If you’re inquiring about an international wedding, the answer will always be yes.

A good rule of thumb is about 50-70min high res edited jpeg file images an hour. So, let’s say your wedding is about 10 hours of photo coverage, 500 edited images minimum. I believe in giving you all the good photos, candids and not missing a moment.

No, I do not offer this. My editing style is a huge part of my passion and expression. I’ve spent countless hours and years curating and perfecting the perfect edits to tell your love story beautifully. It’s the secret sauce to the dreamy colors and golden glow. You’ll get all your moments in your completed gallery. Trust me! And if you ever have any questions I am an open book. If you trust me, don’t ask for the raws.

To book, 50% non-refundable retainer is due, and signing the contract. The other half of your payment is due a month before your wedding. A week before your Couple/Engagement session. I accept payments through Honeybook & Paypal.

THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! *knock on wood* I would have to be dying or something very tragic happen to a family member. My couple’s wedding day is so important to me it’d be a nightmare if anything came up that prevented me from being at your wedding. If something were to happen I would find a photographer replacement, same experience, top-notch gear who I trust, and whose work you love. Hopefully, I would still be able to edit your photos depending on the specific of the situation.

If you’re already booked your date with me and for some reason need to cancel or reschedule your wedding/shoot, the retainer fee is non-refundable. To book a new date a new retainer fee will be due. I do this because I have your date in my calendar, most likely turned other sessions away from that date, and have bills to pay and a family to take care of.

I usually say LET'S DO IT! The wind and rain can make for an adventurous shoot and fun memories. My camera gear and I are always prepared for whatever weather. If it were to be pretty miserable or dangerous we can absolutely chat about a reschedule.

I’m so about natural beauty and your uniqueness. I do not airbrush or photoshop couples. I do minor things like pimple removal, smeared makeup, teeth whitening, and some backdrop photoshop if there are people or weird objects taking away from the couple/photo.

Gotchuuuu! Once you book you’ll receive a dress guide and I am here to help you with any outfit questions you may have.

Have a specific question? Check out these FAQ’s.

ASAP! For Couples/Engagement sessions sneak peeks are within the first couple of days and full gallery within 30 days. For Elopements & Weddings sneak peeks are within the first couple of days and full gallery within 60 days. Every wedding is different and may be faster or slower to edit but I try my best to get your photos to you as fast as I can.

Not really… I do some family photos for past clients as I love my clients and am so honored to continue to tell their love stories. Once in a while, I will open Seasonal minis up for families, but that only happens once a year. My passion is traveling and weddings which is when I do my best work.

Nope, it isn’t fair to my other clients who have paid in full.

Travel fees are not included in the prices. For drivable locations, 50 miles round trip are included for Weddings and sessions. Each additional mile after that is $1.00.

For destination weddings that require a flight, I schedule flights where I will arrive a full day or more earlier. This way if there are delays I will make it to your wedding by the night before.

For Weddings and sessions drivable distance, I am accounting for the time, gas, and car maintenance. For destinations or international weddings/elopements, I will give you a custom quote. Here are the things I take into consideration; rental car, overnight stay, food, and flight.

I fly out early for destination weddings/elopements so I have time to scout locations. I research locations ahead of time with Google maps and asking locals and other photographers for recommendations.

You are more than welcome to send over recommendations and with my agreement can book my stay, as long as it isn’t nasty or sketchy. I do usually book my own stay so you don’t have to do more research.

Right now, go ahead and inquire with me for travel details.

Dates fill up FAST

- Jiaxin & Yi

"One of the best decisions I have made for my wedding was hiring Rachel (the other one was who I married)."





- Jessica