My eyes are tearing up! So, it’s pretty normal to do a daily Instagram check up on friends, family… literally everyone. Doing my daily Instagram story dosage I came across, as I always do, Brittany’s videos and images. Her and her sweet hubby Connor just became mommy and daddy to the cutest little girl.

It was a magical, romantic sunset at Discovery Park Lighthouse. We walked out onto the sand catching up and chatting each other’s ears off. The golden glow from the sun meeting the ocean didn’t have anything on the glows on Mrs. and Mr. Krebb’s faces. Their due date was coming up fast. My heart was filled as they smiled and told me how special the name they had picked out was.

A couple years prior we had taken a trip together to Mount Rainier. The hills were orange and red in celebration of October. On that mountain walk they shared how they met, fell in love and got married. Now walking at the beach chatting about the beautiful creation growing inside her belly.

If you’re looking for a beautiful mother with great baby advice don’t hesitate to give Brittany a quick follow on youtube and Instagram.

Love you both! I mean, all three of you! Brittani, Connor and Eva Grace.