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The 101 Is one of the Best Downtown Seattle Wedding Venues.

Address: 101 S Jackson St, Seattle, Washington 98104

The 101 is an industrial Seattle wedding venue. Featuring gorgeous tall floor to ceiling windows, cement flooring, red brick walls as well as white brick walls. The 101 is a perfect Seattle space for a wedding and can fit up to 200 guests. Also, The 101 has chairs, tables, allows your own preferred vendors, wifi and is pet friendly.

The 101 is one of the best located Seattle wedding venues. Walking distance from hotels, parking lots and garages, as well as Occidental Square.  located in Pioneer Square. Which are two of the best downtown Seattle locations for wedding photos on your big day. 

Are “Getting Ready” photos important? 

Getting ready photos on your wedding day are very important. These are such sweet moments spent with your closest friends and family. A lot of times the bride and groom won’t even see each other until later in the day. Having your photographer with you when you’re getting ready is a must. This way those moments are captured for your partner to see later. Also, just some of the most intimate moments of the day.

Should I book a hotel or airbnb for wedding day getting ready photos?

You should definitely book an Airbnb or hotel to get ready on your wedding day. I get this question a lot. Especially for a venue downtown you might not have a getting ready space included with your venue. Or the getting ready space at the venue isn’t the most aesthetic. It’s important to have a comfortable space to get ready in, close to your venue and beautiful for your photos and to set your wedding day off right.

How to choose the best hotel or airbnb for getting ready wedding day photos?

When you’re booking your hotel or airbnb for your wedding day getting ready photos. You will want to keep in mind colors, size and windows. Anything that has large windows with loads of natural light is what you’re looking for to get ready on your wedding day. Preferably white and bright colored walls. Not only these colors reflect the light and create better lighting. Also, the white walls are a great backdrop for getting ready. You will want a space that is large enough for your group. Think about a bed or couch for photos and lounging in as you’re getting ready. Is there perhaps a spot or enough closet room to hide bags and things away to keep the room tidy? Are there enough mirrors? For girls to get ready? Lastly, you don’t want anything further than 15 minutes around from your venue. The closer the better.

Makayla & Tyson Wedding Day at The 101.

We started Makayla and Tyson’s The 101 Wedding day at the Embassy’s King Street Hotel to get ready. The girls had a large room and right next door to the boy’s large room. M&T’s first look was located overlooking a view of downtown Seattle. Views of the Smith Tower and the T-Mobile Park. This was a beautiful and intimate spot for their first look.

Next, we walked right over to Occidental Square for bridal party photos and bride & groom wedding day portraits.

After that, we headed to the Seattle Wedding Venue, The 101 for family photos, ceremony and reception. We ended the day all dancing the night away.

Here are all the vendors that made M&T’s wedding day extra special.

Photographer & Videographer: Rachel Syrisko Photography 

Venue: The 101 Seattle 

Pizza: Varacci Pizza 

DJ: The Fire DJs

Day of Coordinator: Brittany

Flowers: Diane Larson

Cake: Lauren Burman 

Getting Ready: Embassy’s King Street HotelPhoto Locations: Occidental Square , Pioneer Square

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