Where to begin? Tyler reached out months in advance to plan the perfect surprise proposal for his lady, Beau. I remember listening to the different ideas he had and felt my heart melting into the ground. He had gifted Beau a trip to Washington for Christmas. He had printed a picture of a PNW landscape on an empty scrapbook to fill with their memories of their trip. Little did she know the pages would include her proposal.

Tyler and I chatted a few times through the months before the surprise. Going over times, a plan and the perfect location. He decided on the famous North Cascades National Park. I drove out early to the viewpoint I had recommended and was happily welcomed with the beautiful green and blue lake as well as the snowy mountain peaks. It was a little raining but WHO CARES! Two people are about to share one of the best days of their life together.

I waited for the two to walk out. It was breath taking and exciting. I couldn’t be more happy for these two. They were traveling in a rented camper van so they did a quick clothing change for a few more photos. And a few in the camper van to remember this special day forever.

To put the cherry on top. They showed me the scrapbook Tyler had made and to our delight and surprise the picture he had randomly picked out for the cover was of the North Cascades from the veery viewpoint they had just proposed at. Crazy or what!? It was like it was meant to be.

Please enjoy the sweet and exciting surprise proposal below. Leave a comment to celebrate their engagement.