Tyler & Zac are ‘down for anything’ kind of people. Which is totally my vibe. The both did a quick change right on the beach, behind some towels, turning into one of the most beautiful brides and grooms I ever did see.

Just like their quick change, these two decided to make beautiful memories on Malibu Beach a couple months before their larger wedding with friends and family. How lucky am I to have witnessed these two stunners running across this gorgeous beach. In a Grace Loves Lace dress!!! May I add Tyler has killer taste. As Tyler would describe her husband as her best friend, the person who keeps her sane, her partner in everything and flippin’ HOT!! SO we won’t leave you out Zac! These photos speak for him. Gotchuuuuu.

We got to the beach just in time for the most perfect, golden sunset. Even though it was pretty freezing with the sun going down, these two were never shook. Their love radiated all over the sandy beach.

Are you also drooling over this dreamy Elopement Experience?!? Don’t miss a single moment and continue scrolling. Can you tell it was freezing? Let me know in the comments below.

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