“You make me feel a new kind of happy,” is the way Igor told me he loved when we were just dating without actually saying it. The first time he said it to me I was sitting in his shared apartment on the end of his bed. He just said it. And my heart melted. I felt the same way.

This sort of became the theme of our love story and our wedding. We wanted a celebration that was intimate and fun with the people we loved most. We ended up having our ceremony out in a Washington forest and then our reception in our friend’s backyard.

A couple unique things at our wedding. Igor and his family are Russian so during our ceremony we had a traditional cloth stepping. Which shows us stepping into this next chapter of life together. I also got to have two father daughter dances. One with my daddy (which was epic) and one with my new dad (Igor’s father). We also had two of our friends sing a couple romantic songs for us while my uncle played guitar. You can see photos as you scroll through.

It was the most special day, filled with friends and family. There were mostly smiles and laughing, just a few happy tears were shed.

Some of my most special memories made were that day/night. Every day I feel a new kind of happy being married to the sweetest guy, EVER.

Here are my vows that I made on that day!

“Our first date you walked right up to me with the biggest, sweetest smile I have ever seen. So welcoming and inviting. From the beginning there was something about you that equaled over four hours of conversation walking up and down Ruston Way.

Remember when we used to Google search questions to ask each other? And we asked “do you believe in soulmates?” We had a long discussion regarding this topic. What even is the definition of a soulmate? Do we even believe in that? Well, my answer is, yes. I believe God prepared you for me and we were meant to be together. And right now this is exactly where we are meant to be.

I used to be a googly eyed gal who believed in all the true love and fairytales. Something I learned somewhere was false. Some make believe fantasy that we all long for but never will receive. But God kept telling me the whole world is about love. And so many different kinds of love. You have made me believe in love again. The fairytales are true mixed with a little bit of reality. And I have found myself in the perfect romcom. A life I could never imagine. You are all I have prayed for and much much more. God’s plan is always better.

I vow to keep our foundation in Christ and the bible. I vow to love you the way you deserve.I vow to set goals and achieve them with you. I vow to travel with you. I vow to be the best I can be for you. I vow to push you to the best you that you can be. I vow to be honest with you and communicate. I vow to treasure you and comfort you.

I vow to keep you forever and to wake up every day feeling a new kind of happy with you.”

Our wedding video at the end of the photos! Scroll down to see!

Photographer: Alex Modisette
Videographer: Zhenya Fedorets


Igor & Rachel Wedding Video