Prepare yourself! I am about to share some really special and personal memories with you. Both Igor and I have always been obsessed with the Mountains. We both grew up in Washington hiking, camping and being outdoors. So it was important to us to incorporate and epic mountain view into our engagement shoot.

Long ago! When Igor and I first started dating we loved drinking moscato together. Correction, I really liked moscato. AND AM OBSESSED WITH PIZZA. Pizza is probably my favorite food. I told this to Igor on our first date. He took me out for pizza on  date two. For our engagement photoshoot we had moscato and bought pizza from the same pizzeria we had our second date at.

We picked one of our favorite photographers from Hawaii because SHE BOMB and I knew I wanted her to take my photos. Lindsey Roman is my angel and I am so thankful for her.

Please enjoy some of our favorite memories adventuring in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington. One of our favorite places to visit.

Our engagement photographer Lindsey Roman.
Second Date location Pizzeria Pulcinella, Seattle WA