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Should I have my engagement shoot At-Home?

Heck yes! You should one hundred percent have your couple or engagement photoshoot at home. An at-home engagement session is perfect for the couple who loves spending time at home, is more private, loves those intimate moments, a home-body or loves to cozy up on the couch. Your at-home engagement session is the perfect way to document your moments together in one of your favorite places in the world, home.

Also, here are the top reasons to have a photoshoot at-home.

1 – More intimate

2 – less stressful

3 – Photographer comes to you

4 – You know your space

5 – Truly make it unique to you

Prepping for your engagement photoshoot At-Home.

When you’ve decided to have your photoshoot at home you now need to prep your space. You’ll want to make sure you clean your home beforehand. Tidy the space up, or even move furniture around so its position is the best spot for photo moments.

Also, you will want to make sure you have your favorite snacks and drink. As well as having your photoshoot props ready to go.

Next, you’ll also want to put together a little mood board with your photographer. Pinterest is a great place to create easy and free mood boards.

Is there a season best for at-home photoshoot

The best season to have your at-home photoshoot is EVERY season. That’s one of the perks to having an at home photoshoot. You’re avoiding the weather no matter what it ends up being.

However, if you’re hoping to also go outside or another nearby location. Which I do all the time with my couples. It totally depends on where you’re geographically located. You can always chat with me when planning your photoshoot.

Can weather affect my indoor at-home photoshoot?

Even though we are inside your home, weather can still affect your photoshoot. Lighting is a huge part of photography. My photography style is more documentary and natural. So, any natural lighting we can find in your home is better. With this said, the weather can affect how the lighting looks in your home. For example, a cloudy darker day in Seattle Washington will cause the natural lighting through windows to be bluer, more muted and not as strong. Or if it’s a super bright sunny day you’ll have that brighter, warmer lighting coming in. Or if you have a window facing sunset on a clear day you can get those super beautiful orange sun rays. You know the ones people like to take photos and videos with their shadows against the wall. Or when the light streams in through the curtains or blinds. Lighting can be a fun way to add another dimension to your photos and is totally a personal preference.

What time of day should I have my at-home photoshoot?

This leads us to time of day. The time of day has a huge impact on your photoshoot and goes hand in hand with lighting. Keep in mind that every house is different. Depending on where your windows are located in relation to the sun can make a huge difference to the look of your photos. 

It’s important to make note of what the light looks like in your home throughout the day. If you’re a cat owner like me you’ll notice on a sunny day your cat will take naps all around your house. Usually, following the sun. Make sure to take note of your favorite lighting and what time it is at. That way for your photoshoot we can become like cats and follow the light around.

What is the best lighting for an at-home photoshoot?

The best lighting is the natural light coming through windows. The light helps your photographer with settings on their camera and taking beautiful natural images.

I’d say the best lighting when shooting indoors is a clear sunny day where we are able to play around with the light coming through the windows. And having fun at sunset with the harsh & warm lighting coming through the window.

However, that’s not to say you cannot have a gorgeous sunrise at-home photoshoot. Or anytime of day. It truly depends on the location and your unique home.

Here is a quick cheat list for different lighting scenarios:

Harsh – Sunny day where the sun is directly on you. Creating warmer tones.

Overcast – Cloudy day with more cool tones.

Cool- Blue

Warm- orange

Also, here is a Benjamin More Paint example of warm vs cool tones and how lighting can change the look with paint colors. This is just a fun example for you to check out.

Make your at-home couples photoshoot special to you

The great way to make your photoshoot even more special and unique to you two is adding something interactive. 

Answer the following question. What do you two like to do at home together? For example; cooking, cocktail making, movie watching, game boards, snuggling, singing, playing guitar, poker, baths, showers, sleeping/napping, reading, journaling. Something like this can help inspire your photographer. Along with cute couch, kitchen and bedroom photos you could also add a fun bathtime with epic bubbles and wine. Or a steamy shower (obviously modestly and beautifully captured) moment. Or photos of the two of you singing with a guitar on the floor of your living room. Or making homemade pizza together. This can not only make for amazing photos, also, make your photoshoot more fun.

Include your furry friends (pets) in your engagement photos!

Another plus side to having an at-home photoshoot is that your pets can be involved with less stress. Their home is already their safe space. If you have a furry friend of any kind I recommend grabbing a few photos with them.

What to wear to your At-Home photoshoot.

Choosing what to wear to your photoshoot can seem daunting. You want your photos to turn out amazing. What you wear can really change the look and feel of your photos. So, let’s chat about what to wear.

I always tell my couples to wear something that matches their location, neutrals, intentional patterns and no logos. At the end of the day just have fun with it and wear what makes you feel beautiful.

How to match your clothing to your environment.

Think about what colors your home is. If your home is green and blue then wear a color that compliments that. Any neutrals like white, browns, grays or soft/muted greens or blues. You want to avoid clashing colors. Like if your home has a lot of brighter pinks and oranges you most likely won’t want to wear bright red as this will clash with those colors. Here are more details on color theory

I always love chatting with my couples and helping them choose their outfits. Also, the bonus to being at your own home for your photoshoot. We can go to your closest and pick out what to wear.

Just have fun with it. Also, don’t feel too pressured to stick with any of these rules. Sometimes rules can be broken and make for unique and fun photos.

Yes! You should 100% have your couple or engagement photoshoot at-home.

Overall, every home is different which is why we’re photographing there. To capture and document your unique moments. Reach out to me to book your photoshoot and we can plan together to find the perfect time of day, spots around your home, outfits and all the things to make your photoshoot of your dreams. You can also see more details on pricing and collections at my Experience Page.

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