This is the story of how I met my husband.

He slid into my DMs. Yes, you heard that right. 2017 a guy slid into my Instagram messaging and said I am silly and cute. Which turned into do you want to grab coffee with me sometime. I had no idea who this guy was! I felt like I was being set up on a blind date.

However, he stepped up and planned everything. Place. Time. Which I was incredibly grateful for. I’m a huge planner, A-type personality. So, it was important to me that a guy in my life was able to plan for me and honestly be the guy in the relationship. Chivalry isn’t dead and was a huge thing for me when it came to dating. 

I arrived early and even called my friend to pass the time so I wouldn’t look like I was there too early with nothing to do. Also, have her on stand by. YOU NEVER KNOW! When I walked into the coffee shop along the Puget Sound I was pleasantly greeted by a charming and fit gentleman with the BIGGEST grin on his face.

He was so nice. He asked me all about me and was genuinely interested in everything I was saying. We talked about hopes and dreams. Family. Likes. Dislikes. We walked for hours along the ocean boardwalk. When we finally realized we were too tired to keep going he walked me back to my car. He made sure to plan a second date before he wished me a goodnight.

With our hearts full, new dreams, curiosity and a second date already on the calendar. We drove our separate ways not even knowing that one day we’d be married. 

However, this wasn’t the first time we met!

Yessssssss! You 100% heard that right. Eventually, I realized I knew this guy. We had met a couple weeks prior to him sliding into my DMs. My friend and I have the same birthday and we went out for dinner together. It just so happened that he (my now husband) was stopping by to drop off a birthday present for my friend.

He was soooo nervous. He was shaking and the interaction was so quick. “Hi, I’m Igor. Here’s yout gift. Okay, bye.” And he was gone. I leaned closer to my friend and whispered, “he’s so into you.” I thought for sure he was in love with my friend. 

Now, I know it was because he’d been following me on Instagram and thought I was cute. LOL We love it! Anywho, I guess he was in love with me. We know for a fact that he fell in love with me. And now we’re married, living our best life together.

Happily Ever After… Let’s just say, to be continued. We have so many more adventures to enjoy and share with you.

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